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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about our VR workshops? Then you’re in the right place!

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please submit an enquiry or drop our team an email at


Different headset manufacturers have different age recommendations. Google Cardboard is recommended for children aged 7+ whereas Oculus Quest is recommended for users aged 13+. PrimeVR uses Pico G2 4K headsets and these are recommended for users aged 8+. Every parent/guardian will be required to complete a permission slip to confirm they are happy for their child to take part in a VR workshop.

There has been no evidence to suggest that VR is dangerous for children but to ensure that our workshops are as safe as possible, we implement the following procedures:

  • All VR experiences are supervised and delivered by an experienced member of our team.
  • Our workshops are delivered with children sharing one headset between two. This is to limit VR time and provide children with frequent breaks.
  • All children will be required to sit down during their VR experience in order to prevent any collisions and unwanted accidents.
  • If children are not comfortable using a VR headset they can remove it whenever they like. As an alternative, we are able to show children the content using an iPad in 2D mode.
We use Pico G2 4K headsets for a truly immersive experience. These headsets are standalone and require no PC or tethered wires. All of our headsets are controlled from a central iPad which allows us to deliver a smooth workshop and maintain classroom behaviour/attention.
We bring in 16 VR headsets and we recommend pupils sharing one between two to allow for frequent breaks. We also find that pupils like to discuss and share with a partner about what they can see and what they have managed to find.


You can book a workshop by enquiring through our website. Our booking team will then be in touch to discuss what you are looking for. Once you’ve confirmed your topics and a chosen date, a booking email will be sent across providing you with a unique username and password to our online portal. Here, you’ll be able to complete your timetable, download important documents and tick off your checklist in preparation for your day.
We currently cover most regions across England and Wales. Where possible, we try to coordinate multiple school visits to one area over consecutive days to reduce travel expenses for schools and reduce the travel time for our team. We are currently expanding our team and we hope to have a team member based in each region of the UK, including parts of Scotland. Submit an enquiry through our website and a member of our booking team will be in touch to confirm if we can visit your school.
We only raise an invoice for schools once our workshops have been delivered. We accept payment via BACs or cheque and we operate 30 day payment terms. In order to secure a booking, we do not require a deposit. However, in order to confirm your booking, we kindly ask that you read and agree to our terms and conditions accessible here and accept them through our online user portal.
Yes, we have public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000. Schools will be able to download our public liability certificate through our online user portal.

Yes. You can access our booking terms and conditions here. In order to confirm your booking, you will be asked to read and agree to these terms and conditions.

Yes, if enough notice is provided. Please read our terms and conditions here to find out more information regarding our cancellation policy.

Travel expenses will be calculated and confirmed at the time of booking based on the closest available team member to your school. Mileage expenses will be calculated from a team member’s home address to your school’s postcode.


The first 20 miles of a journey will be included in your booking fee. Outside of this, each mile will be charged at £0.45p + VAT.


Based on Google Maps, if a team member is required to travel over 2 hours to your school, a hotel will be required. The cost of a local Premier Inn, Travelodge, Holiday Inn or something similar will be added onto the cost of travel expenses. For all overnight stays, an additional fee of £20 + VAT will be included to cover the cost of food expenses.


If you have any questions regarding how we calculate travel expenses, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Preparing for the Day

Yes. You will be asked to complete a timetable in preparation for your day and this will be accessed through our online user portal. We ask you to fill in some key details for each class, including chosen workshop, number of pupils and year group.
Yes. You will be able to access a copy of our risk assessment from our online user portal. We ask you to read through this before your booking takes place.
Yes. Every parent/guardian is required to sign a permission slip. A template permission slip is provided in our online user portal and we ask that you send a copy to each parent/guardian in preparation for your day. Before a booking can take place, schools will be required to confirm in our online portal that all pupils have permission to take part.

On the Day

A classroom, spare room or hall will be needed for the duration of the day. Enough tables and chairs for each group will also be required.


If one space is not possible for the whole day, we ask that one space is made available for the morning and one space for the afternoon.


Moving between classrooms to deliver workshops is unfortunately not possible due to the time required to set up the headsets and clean them in between use.


If you have any specific questions about the space we require for the day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Using our new headsets, we are offering workshops from KS2 to KS3. If you are interested in workshops for KS4, please get in touch and we will be able to advise accordingly. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer workshops to KS1. We are however working on some new immersive workshops for KS1 using Augmented Reality (AR) but these are still in development. Please keep posted on our website for more updates.
Unfortunately not. We have recently upgraded our VR headsets and they are not quite suitable for KS1. We are however currently working on some new immersive AR based workshops for KS1. Please keep posted on our website for more updates.
Each workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes and we can deliver up to four workshops in a day.

We can work with up to 32 pupils at a time. We bring in 16 VR headsets and we usually recommend pupils sharing one between two.


If you would prefer pupils to have one headset each during a workshop, classes will need to be split into two groups in order to accommodate for this.

A typical day will follow a timetable similar to this:


9:15am – 10am: Arrival and setup
10am – 10.45am: Workshop 1
11am – 11.45am: Workshop 2
11.45am – 1.15pm: Charging
1.15pm – 2pm: Workshop 3
2.15pm – 3pm: Workshop 4


If you have any specific questions regarding timings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes, if possible. Our team members require one standard parking space.


If you don’t have a car park at your school, please can you advise at the time of booking where parking is available. Any parking expenses incurred during the booking will be added to the overall travel expenses and will be accounted for in the invoice.

All workshops will be delivered by a member of the PrimeVR team. Team members are either qualified teachers or individuals with experience of running similar sessions.
We usually deliver four 45 minute workshops throughout the day. Two workshops are delivered in the morning and two workshops are delivered in the afternoon. A 90 minute break for charging the headsets is usually accounted for over lunch.
Yes, this is absolutely fine. We usually work with multiple classes in a day so that the cost can be shared across a larger number of pupils. If Year 4 are learning about the Romans but Year 6 are learning about the Greeks, this is not a problem.
We usually set aside 90 minutes over the lunch break to charge the headsets.
Depending on the age of the headsets and what content has been shared, they typically last between 2-3 hours on a full charge.


Yes. Every PrimeVR team member who visits schools has an Enhanced DBS Certificate and is also registered with the Update Service.

Yes. You can see a copy of our safeguarding policy here.

Health and Safety

We recommend that pupils who suffer with epilepsy consult with their doctor before using virtual reality.

Virtual reality headsets can make a small percentage of pupils feel dizzy. To minimise this, we recommend pupils sharing one headset between two to allow for frequent breaks.


For any pupils who feel dizzy we can provide an iPad for them to see the content in 2D.

Our VR headsets are cleaned using Clinell Universal Wipes, which are proven to be effective against COVID-19 in 30 seconds. These wipes are used by the NHS and their efficacy report can be found here.


We can also provide disposable face masks as an added precaution. Please inform a member of our team at the time of booking if you would like one of these for each of your pupils.

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