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Pope John Paul 2nd Quote On Single Life

POPE JOHN PAUL 2ND QUOTE ON SINGLE LIFE “Single people who love Christ with a chaste and generous heart have their own gifts to bring to parish life. Since they do not have the daily obligations of a husband or wife and children, they often have more opportunities to help both the Church and society […]Read More

Being True To One Self – Sarah’s Experience

I’ve always approached my past relationships, both friendships but mostly romantic relationships, in very much the same manner I would approach an interview. I want to show the other person on the other side of the table sipping coffee that I am capable, competent, worth being in a relationship with, that the person would be […]Read More

Why Has God Left Me Single? – Exploring The Single

Fr Jimmy Bonnici replies… “vocation cannot be reduced to states of life , marriage, priesthood, religious life…. Vocation is the call of God addressed to each person. The vocation of living a single life in different life circumstances Very often we speak about the married life, those who become priests and those who choose to […]Read More

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