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Top Pope Francis Quotes On Teachers

TOP POPE FRANCIS QUOTES ON TEACHERS 1. The Beauty Of The Teaching Profession “Teaching is a beautiful profession, it’s a pity teachers are poorly paid because it is not just about the time they spend in school, then the time they spend preparing, the time they spend on each individual student: how to help them […]Read More

“I Was Raised On The Farm” – 11 Life Lessons

Some people grow up on a farm. Others have the love and passion for it, and start off something themselves. Joseph Farrugia, a village man from Zurrieq – Malta is one of the former. He says that, “lessons from farming can be learnt both by those who make a living out of farming as well […]Read More

Top Pope Benedict 16th’s Catholic Education Quotes

 TOP POPE BENEDICT 16TH’S CATHOLIC EDUCATION QUOTES 1. Non-Catholics And Catholics Studying Together Enrich Each Other “I know that there are many non-Catholics studying in the Catholic schools in Great Britain, and I wish to include all of you in my words today. I pray that you too will feel encouraged to practise virtue and […]Read More

4 Spiritual Benefits of Lifelong Learning

While some are intrinsically motivated to learn, others mainly do so for work flexibility, to have better opportunities. Yet, learning offers so much more. The habit of lifelong learning presents us with an opportunity to go deeper and discover the beauty of being human. 1. Education helps us understand the world around and the world […]Read More

Good Education Quotes By Catholic Headteacher

Good Education Quotes By Catholic Headteacher Ex-Maltese Catholic headteacher shares lessons she has learnt about good education  through her quotes below.  Quote 1 – A Good Education Takes Place When The Whole Person Is Educated “Physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – leaving out any of these makes a failure of education! We are working hard to eradicate illiteracy – and […]Read More

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