Meaningful Advent Ideas For Children

 Meaningful Advent Ideas For Children

Twelve simple and meaningful advent ideas to get children started in the Christmas spirit…

1. READ, watch or listen to uncommon parts of the Christmas story.

2. GET TO KNOW the story of the real Santa together with your child.

3. CREATE an upcylcled Christmas craft together.

4. COOK a Christmas treat with your child and share it with someone.

5. DECORATE a corner of your home or class in an eco-friendly way.

6. LISTEN to some Christmas carols together.

7. ORGANISE a party at your own home or class.

8. HELP someone else in a Christmas activity.

9. PRAY with your child and enjoy God’s presence.

10. VISIT a relative or someone you know might feel lonely at Christmas time.

Good luck with trying these ideas!

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